Having a picture book of ideas is fun, exciting and easy but how do you find the suppliers of these items and put it all together, making sure it will all work and be within budget.  Overthinking and indecision can cause costly changes and delays to your project. We work to eliminate these problems.  With our experience and contacts we will bring your dream to life.  Sourcing, selecting and project management are the most challenging parts of any renovation or new build. Our goal is to make your journey enjoyable and rewarding. 

The Essential Detail can assist in all of the following areas:
​Architectural + interior review
Concept design
Design development + documentation
Material + finishes selection
Furniture design + management of manufacture
Furniture sourcing + specification
Kitchen + bathroom design + laundry
Custom joinery design
Project management
Lighting specification + design
Window treatments + design
Post-project maintenance

The most important advice The Essential Detail can give:
Your designer, architect (if you use one) and builder need to be involved from the very beginning of your planning. They each approach your project with different perspectives and need to collaborate to get the finish you want. Minor details at the start of a project can have massive implications for your finished home – both in terms of cost and function.

The Essential Detail will work with you on all aspects of the project to keep costs within budget, finalise all specs & selections on time and coordinate the huge range of tasks which occur away from the actual site.